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Buildings & Grounds

Jeff Loustaunau, Junior 
Warden is also Chair

Mobile: (207) 469-8454

Home:  (804) 384-6337
 Jim Dudley
Home (804) 776-0050
Mobile (202) 538-3914
Bob Guillotte
(804) 824-8601
David South
(804) 776-6983


Purpose: To maintain the church buildings and grounds in such a fashion that they will facilitate the worship, work, mission and ministry for the congregation.

Membership: The committee shall be composed of five members of the Congregation, one of whom will be the Junior Warden, who shall serve as chairman.

Duties: Duties shall include but are not limited to, making regular inspections of the buildings and grounds, making recommendations to the Vestry for necessary major improvements, assure safety regulations are observed, provide pest control, recommending budgets, reviewing fire and property insurance, being the eyes and ears of the Vestry for all building and grounds issues.