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Time, Talent Commitment Card

Click here to download and/or print this pledge card for the gift of your time and talent.  When printing these pledge cards use the Landscape setting and the print front and back setting if available.  Pledge_Time_Talents_1.15.16_2.pdf

I wish to contribute more of my time and talent for the
benefit and enjoyment of Christ Church Parish by
participating in the following additional ways
(I’ve checked my choices here.)


                 ___Altar Guild

                 ___Flower Guild  

                ___Worship Committee

                ___Brotherhood (Men’s Group)

                ___ECW (Women’s Group)

                ___Chalice Bearer ___Usher


                ___After Church Coffee Hour Hosts

                ___Communications: ___Website ___ Facebook  

    ___ Newsletter ___Publicity ___Records

    ___ Office Assistance

                ___Event Planning and Participation

   (Valentines & Other)

                ___Finance Committee

                ___Lay Ministry ___Lay Reader

                ___Outreach Ministries

                ___ Pastoral Care ___Visitation


               ___ Vestry

               ___Visibility Committee

              ___ Welcoming /Hospitality Committee

              ___Other ________________________

Your Church Community thanks you for

all you do for us.



Stewardship is not just financial. It is also:

Giving of our time and talents

Openingyour heart to volunteer for church ministries

Developingrelationships from a perspective of abundance



My Name and Contact Information is: