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Communications Commission

Purpose:  The Communication Commission aims to facilitate communications within the Parish and the community.  The Tech Team offers a wide variety of technical services for the parish.  One of these is the Videography Ministry established in 2021 during the COVID pandemic to assist the rector with offering remote worship services online.  The newsletter editor is also a key member of the Communications Commission.   

Membership: We can accommodate as many members as are willing and able to assist with the various services the Commission provides.  Typically, each member has some specialty, but some degree in skills crossover and redundancy is essential, as is willingness to learn new skills.  Above all a spirit of cooperation and collaboration is emphasized.  A chairperson sets the agenda and presides over meetings. 

Goals: A common denominator of much of what we do is to facilitate and enhance communication among parish family.

Activities: Some examples illustrate a few of the many efforts undertaken in recent years.

  • Maintaining a current website and Facebook presence
  • Producing online worship services
  • Managing the online member directory
  • Circulating service bulletins and all other types of information through emails from various groups and individuals to anyone wishing to be on the email list
  • Creating and distributing the Parish Newsletter
  • Being able when called upon to record or even livestream special services and other events in the Parish Hall and sanctuary, for example, the Fine Arts Camp “Saturday Showcase”, Celtic concerts, weddings, and funerals.

Responding to requests for upgrades and/or assistance with AV needs of the clergy (e.g., computer support, Lenten, and Advent programs) and organizations within the church (e.g., hosting Zoom meetings, technical support for programs offered by the Brotherhood, ECW, and Fellowship).  

Mike Gorin, Videographer
(804) 413-1725
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Ann de Peyster, Videographer
Vestry Liaison
(858) 699-3599
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Jack Fackler, Audio Master
(804) 758-3428
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Mike Floyd, WebMaster & Videographer
(804) 869-9550
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Jeff Loustaunau, Tech Team Captain & Videographer
(207) 469-8454
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Jeff McClelland, Newsletter Editor
(804) 240-7367
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Jean Holt, Prayer Requests
(804) 366-7425
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