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Christ Church Historic Cemetery

Hundreds of funeral services have been conducted at Christ Church since it was consecrated in 1666.   Many early burials were at outlying chapels or in private cemeteries at homes and plantations.  Only a few of the markers were durable enough to survive the ravages of time.

Founders and Patriots are memorialized in a plaque mounted on the cemetery wall..

There were no burials in the 40 year period 1815 to 1855 because the connection to England was broken during the American Revolution.  Many clergy retreated to England,.  However, a majority stayed put and sided with the patriots.

Christ Church, Middlesex, was reconsecrated by American bishops in the mid-19th century.  At that time customs were rapidly changing in many ways and burials in church cemeteries became universally popular.  Graves were marked with durable materials and we now have records from that era carved in stone or cast in metal.

In the 20th century members of the congregation compiled the carved and cast records in handwritten notebooks.

Subsequently, in the 21st century, the hand written records were digitzed, compiled and organized in a computer-based spreadsheet named Database. This is stored in the "internet cloud" where it is backed up and also available for viewing by anyone with access to the internet at the link: About Interment Records.

Photographs of markers are also stored in albums stored in the "cloud."  Links to the main album are conveniently placed in the Interment Records.