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About Interment Records

The long, rich history of the graveyard at Christ Church Parish draws many inquiries about the interments here.  “Paperless” records provide the easiest and most satisfying responses.  They are organized and stored in a single location yet very accessible to historians world-wide.. 

Transfers from paper have been, and continue to be, slow.  Progress to date can be viewed at the link:

Interment Records Database

Which loads a computer workbook with two tabulations (spreadsheets) sorted on different columns.  Each table presents the exact same records. They are redundant and simply provide different ways to view and use the database:

        Tab            Utility


  When visiting the graveyard in person or virtually.


  When checking on a relative or friend.


Redundancy also provides back-up.  If one of the sheets is inadvertently deleted or damaged, we simply load the good one and use the computer’s rapid sorting capabilities.

“Paperless” has many other advantages.  For example, selections from the full database tell human interest stories…

Military Records





If you notice an error or a missing record,  please treat it as an opportunity to help improve the database, and enter the correct data. Load->      PENDING UPDATES