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The vestry has a responsibility for ensuring that the spiritual mission of the church is maintained, as well as for carrying out the more secular duties related to church property, finances and personnel. The vestry functions under the concept of “shared  ministry", in which the rector and the vestry are part of an interdependent team that involves many other parishioners in a variety of leadership and supportive roles

Duties include:

  • To support and to continuously encourage the members of the congregation to support the programs of the Church and to give generously to support those programs.
  • To review the Vision and Mission of the Church and to establish goals and objectives designed to fulfill that Mission.
  • The Vestry shall transact all of the churches temporal business including appointing Trustees, maintaining the Church’s property, making and executing contracts as required, regulating the use of any graveyard, establishing a Finance Committee, approving budgets and observing Cannon 13 on (Business Methods in Church Affairs).

 The current members of the Vestry are:

Class of 2023
Class of 2024
Class of 2025

Betsy Evans

Karen Brown

William "Bill" Budd

Mike Gorin

Garry Clay

Scott Holt

Clayton Neal

Ann de Peyster

Henry Moncure


Vestry meeting will be held in the Vestry Room of the Parish Hall at 1:00 PM on the third Tuesday of the month. Exceptions to this schedule will be announced.

 Parishioners are welcome to attend the Vestry meetings. 



Garry Clay (Senior Warden)

Mobile: (804) 436-2973



Scott Holt (Junior Warden)

Mobile: (804) 814-8126



Karen Brown

Mobile: (703) 472-3470



Bill Budd

Mobile: (571) 332-9259



Ann de Peyster

Mobile: (858) 699-3599



Betsy Evans

Mobile: (540) 809-2473



Mr. Mike Gorin

Mobile: (804) 413-1725



Henry Moncure

Mobile: (804) 402-1643



Mr. Clayton Neal

Mobile: (804) 921-6540























Mr. John Quilter

(804) 347-0763