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Elizabeth B. Sanders Fund Nominating Committee

Purpose & Responsibilities:

The purpose of the Fund shall be to provide for the education of the children under the age of twenty-one (21) years of Christ Church Parish, by using the income of the Fund to extend such children’s education, without limitation, for religious, elementary, secondary, undergraduate, special, technical, vocational, professional, or other educational purposes.

The Fund will not have members.  The affairs of business of the Fund shall be managed by a Board of Directors, which is composed of all of the members of the Vestry.  The Board of Directors shall meet at least annually at the regularly scheduled vestry meeting in May.  Prior to the meeting, the Nominating Committee shall provide the Chairman with its recommendations for scholarship recipients, including the amount of the scholarship, the purpose of the scholarship, and a brief statement as to the reason for the scholarship.

At the request of the Nominating Committee, the Board Chairman (Senior Warden) may call such additional meetings as may be necessary for the award of scholarships.  Said additional meetings shall be held at a regularly scheduled vestry meeting.

Applications are normally available during beginning in February and must be completed and returned by April 30th.

Nominating Committee Members:

Vel Gray
(804) 339-7836
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Cean Cawthorn
Home: (804) 776-9903
Mobile: 804) 832-3141
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Ann Harris

Home: (804) 758-4090

Mobile: (804) 815-2069

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Barbara Shaw
(804) 832-0016
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Helen Tarran
(804) 758-0651
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